Businesses can no longer be competitive on their own. Inventories have been leaned out, costly infrastructure reduced, processes outsourced, and supply chains stretched around the globe. Now every business is more dependent upon its external partners. And it’s critical they share information and processes to align and coordinate their business decisions.

There’s no room for inefficiency. So all the paper that’s slogging its way between you and your suppliers, customers, and banks is a problem. As is the redundancy that comes with obsolete point-to-point integration models. Resources are being devoured, and your business is paying dearly in the form of higher operating costs, missed sales opportunities, slower cash flow, and escalating supply chain costs and risks.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Companies around the world are capitalizing on the advantages and opportunities provided by the digital economy, with Ariba Network as a key enabler. You can do the same.


Just like a consumer

As a consumer, you’ve been participating in the digital economy for some time. With Amazon, Facebook, and eBay, you’re more connected, more able to share information, and more able to buy and sell stuff than ever before. Now you can apply the same model to business commerce.

With SAP Ariba's industry-leading, cloud-based applications, you can extend your processes beyond the four walls of your organization. Then, without installing any new software or hardware, you can connect and collaborate with digital communities of partners, peers, and prospects from around the world.

  • Buyers can quickly discover new sources of supply
  • Suppliers can easily find new, purchase-ready customers
  • Finance and treasury managers can make better working capital decisions
  • Everyone can share best practices, expert advice, and community intelligence

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