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Whether you prefer your market intelligence served up in an analyst report, white paper, video, or blog, you’ll find that the voices presented here convey a clear and consistent message: the global economy is evolving, and business commerce along with it. Networked companies, by optimizing their use of digital business networks and collaboration, are the ones poised for competitive advantage and prosperity. 

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No Business Is An Island

"Whether it is through outsourcing, partnership or simple supplier-customer interactions, all businesses are reliant on the relationships they have with their peers. It stands to reason, then, that perfecting collaboration with one’s trading partners is a key success factor in business. But how can companies maximise the value of their trading partner relationships, and how can they mitigate the risks?"

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Business Networks: The Next Wave of Innovation

"Building a collaborative workforce and then extending that collaborative framework out into partners and customers has long held promise, but in the past often failed to garner adoption. Today though, with new social technologies this is changing. With the Internet as the platform and new enterprise social networking (ESN) software / services, companies are finally able to create broader collaborative networks."

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Collaborative Supplier Networks

“Due to trends such as outsourcing, globalisation and lean manufacturing, companies have grown increasingly dependent on their supply chains. Being the doorway to those suppliers, procurement has never been as critical to company success than today. To untap the potential value from a company’s supply base, a new type of CPO is needed – the collaborative CPO. One that embraces new processes and approaches to purchasing.”

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