Customer Events: Connect and Share with Peers and Prospects

Strong working relationships are the foundation of collaborative business commerce. And engaging in face-to-face exchanges with your peers during conferences and meetings goes a long way toward strengthening your connections – and establishing new ones. That's why SAP Ariba sponsors and participates in important industry events, and we encourage you to join us. Look here for the latest notices about upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

  • SAP Ariba Live - Singapore

  • All day event

  • Marina Bay Sands Singapore , Singapore
  • Imagine what you could accomplish if your work was simple. What if every time you had to source goods, send an invoice, find a new supplier, or find a new customer, it just wasn’t so complex?  Well, stop imagining. And start making travel plans. Because at SAP Ariba Live, you’ll learn all about making the complex simple. The inefficient, efficient. And the seemingly impossible, possible.

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