SAP Ariba's role: Your co-pilot

You’re not alone. Talk to your customer engagement executive.

When it comes to facilitating use of SAP Ariba among your suppliers, your job is to be the visionary and change catalyst. But you also need to be pragmatic, understanding both the benefits that will come with automated, network-based commerce and the challenges buyers and suppliers will face when undertaking significant business process changes.

So let’s be clear: You are not flying solo on this one.

SAP Ariba is your co-pilot, bringing along the knowledge and know-how we’ve gained from delivering the best network adoption services for more than a decade.  No matter if you’re launching your initiative, expanding your program, or just need to be reminded why you started down this path in the first place, SAP Ariba can help you...

  • develop your strategy and roll-out plan
  • encourage collaboration between your suppliers and internal teams
  • get your suppliers trained and connected
  • track and monitor program progress and successes

To get help, talk with  your customer engagement executive. Share with them your objectives, challenges, and concerns. In many cases, the help they can facilitate will come at no additional cost.



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