Communicating with and training suppliers

Let’s hold a seller summit

Once you’ve laid groundwork internally, a tried-and-true method for communicating with and training your suppliers is to schedule a seller summit. During a summit, you can discuss your e-commerce initiative directly with your suppliers while providing a comfortable environment in which to ask questions and voice concerns.

Together, we’ll introduce your suppliers to Ariba Network, its subscription levels, and its associated benefits. The education and experience that suppliers derive from these summits is proven to increase program adoption.

Your role in staging a summit includes:

  • Identifying someone who will coordinate the event with SAP Ariba and participate as a co-presenter during it
  • Identifying the suppliers to be invited
  • Collaborating with SAP Ariba on the program
  • Inviting the suppliers and encouraging their attendance

For more information on running your own seller summit, contact your customer engagement executive.


Supplier training: Tutorials and demos