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Procurement in 2017: The Road Ahead
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CPO Rising 2016: The Art and Science of Procurement Webinar
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Discover the art and science of procurement

More than 90% of your peers who participated in this year’s Ardent Partners CPO Rising study agree that today’s CPO must develop and balance the creative ("art") and quantitative ("science") capabilities of their organizations to deliver maximum value in support of enterprise goals and objectives. What does this mean for your organization? And how do you develop creative and quantitative capabilities throughout your organization? Discover the answers in this Ardent Partners report – available only from SAP Ariba.

The Report: Pulling from discussions with 331 CPOs and other procurement executives, this report examines the competencies and capabilities of procurement organizations today in terms of creativity and methodology, instinct and discipline, providing readers with recommendations and strategies for success. 

The 2017 Webinar: Hear leading industry analyst from Ardent Partners review the road ahead for procurement. Get benchmark data and clear directives to improve outcomes and performance. 

The 2016 Webinar: Listen in to better understand the state of procurement today, learn about best practices to improve your business, and benchmark your performance against the best-in-class, which Ardent Partners defines for the industry.  

To ably lead their missions, CPOs must play many roles across business, technical, and cultural terrains; the teams they assemble must be equipped with the right skills, tools, resources, and direction to keep pace.

— Andrew Bartolini , Chief Research Officer , Ardent Partners

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