Vision 2020

Chapter 6: Risk Management Capacity and Demands Soar

Work environments are mobile, virtual, and highly automated, freeing supply management pros to wrestle with rising complexity and risk.

The supply management professional will be able to perform any function, anytime, anywhere. Collaboration will be mostly virtual, taking place via business networks that extend around the globe. And, routine, repeatable tasks will be automated or outsourced, freeing time and attention to cope with rising complexity and risk in the supply base.

To prepare, experts advise you to:

  1. Adopt technologies that enable people to work and collaborate securely and effectively without physical proximity.
  2. Concentrate on enhancing supplier discovery and selection tools and processes. Expand selection criteria to be more comprehensive; that is, strive for strong organizational compatibility by paying greater attention to things like corporate personalities and cultural fit.
  3. Challenge the marketplace to deliver higher-quality, timelier, and richer information around supply risk.

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