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Collaborate to Win: Creating Competitive Advantage in a Networked Economy


Date: 02 August, 2012

Perceptive executives have come to understand that creating value means embracing networks of people and coordinating their efforts to deliver business results faster. Fast-moving technological advances have begun to turn one-way interactions into extended two-way processes that breed new forms of cooperation. Just as earlier forces such as desktop computers shifted the basis of productivity generation, so too has the networked model changed how companies identify and work with all kinds of partners.

Businesses are learning how to collaborate more efficiently, connecting and cooperating with people and entities well beyond the confines of their particular enterprise, digitally interacting with large communities of customers or suppliers, or venturing out to identify (and rank) new peers or partners.

Through more than a dozen in-depth interviews with practitioners, academics, consultants, and others, CFO Research Services* explores how smart companies are creating collaboration strategies using social tools and business networks to move beyond simply reducing operational costs to improving productivity, and ultimately, profits.

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 * CFO Research Services is the sponsored research group within CFO Publishing LLC, which produces CFO magazine, CFO Conferences, and

Collaborate to Win: Creating Competitive Advantage in a Networked Economy
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