Supplier Networks v.2.0 – A Look At Commerce in the Cloud



Thinking about finally joining the Ariba Network, or wondering if you’re making the most of it? Take a look at this new report from the Aberdeen Group. They found out how best-in-class companies are maximizing their use of supplier networks, and they explain how you can do the same.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn about best-in-class companies:

  • 64 percent have established multiple levels of supplier integration via web-based interfaces, email, fax, or automated online access, compared to 48 percent of industry-average companies and 43 percent of laggard companies
  • 41 percent use benchmarking and reporting tools on their supplier networks compared to 28 percent of industry-average and 19 percent of laggards
  • 60 percent are 106 percent more likely to have their suppliers leverage self-service or collaboration tools on their supplier network than all other organizations

Find out how you can achieve best-in-class results, too. Access your complimentary copy — a $399 value — today.

Supplier Networks v.2.0 – A Look At Commerce in the Cloud
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