Supply & Demand Chain Executive Special Issue

The Future of Commerce


Date: 08 April, 2015

Take a look at this special issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, all about the Virtual Enterprise and its enabler, the business network. As Dr. Marcell Vollmer, COO of Ariba, says,

“Business is no longer about executing a process within a company, but across an entire value chain. It’s not only about the intelligence within an organization, but the intelligence of entire communities. It’s not about automating and doing things faster, but tapping collective insights and best practices to do things better – and in entirely new ways. Welcome to the Virtual Enterprise. And a new era for procurement.”

This issue describes how you can take advantage of this new era: with a new approach and new systems to drive the next level of productivity. And that approach is to be found in business networks. Business networks provide a simple, scalable way for your company to discover, connect, and collaborate with trading partners and the resources you need to operate in today’s dynamic world. Open this magazine now to find out how to harness the power of networks, deliver the future of business commerce, and position your organization for success. 

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Special Issue
business networks, collaborative commerce