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The Power of Ariba for SAP Customers


Date: 22 August, 2013

Join the ranks of the Networked Enterprise and connect with customers, suppliers, and partners for greater efficiency and decision-making.

Your SAP systems and solutions do wonders for your business processes internally, but today’s leading companies are reaching beyond the four walls of their organizations to collaborate with communities of existing and potential partners through cloud-based business networks. And no place more than the Ariba Network, where…

  • Buyers discover and qualify suppliers, efficiently tracking and coordinating orders across the supply chain
  • Suppliers find new customers, getting matched with purchase-ready buyers looking for what they sell
  • Each partner gains transparency into payables and receivables, driving efficiency while enabling more-informed working capital management decisions

SAP has embraced this business model. As an SAP customer, you can now connect your business, systems, and trading partners through the Ariba Network to…

  • Drive efficiency by enabling shared processes and automate sourcing, purchasing, invoicing, and payment
  • Connect with customers, suppliers, and partners for collaborative procurement, sales, and finance
  • Improve decision-making and performance by using community intelligence, market insights, benchmarking, and best practices

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The Power of Ariba for SAP Customers
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