Close Deals Quickly and Safely without Ink

You invest a lot of time and energy into each of your business deals, and into the contracts that seal them. So don’t jeopardize things chasing down wet-ink signatures. They take too long, and any delay puts even the best deal at risk. Copying, packaging, and shipping costs add up. And signing mistakes can further slow things down, or cause real problems later on.

Close deals faster and more efficiently with electronic signature software. An electronic signature is a fast and secure way to sign a contract. It involves attaching an encoded signature to an electronic document, verifying the identity of the signer and signifying an approval to terms. By eliminating all the paper and administrative hassles, you can reduce to mere minutes the time it takes to execute a contract, and enjoy…

  • a 50 percent higher probability of closing a deal
  • up to 90 percent greater workflow efficiency
  • savings of $170 per transaction in lower paper cost


An Electronic Signature is Easy, Safe, and Protected by Law



Your electronic signature can be any sound, symbol, or process adopted with the intent to sign a document. Each user is provided with a unique and secure signature.

Efficiently Automatic

Automated triggers, set to the update interval of your choice, keep you informed about process status. When done, a final version of the contract is secured, returned, and uploaded.


Using a simple drag-and-drop tool, you’ll identify who needs to sign, and where. One click then initiates the issuance of emails to ask for the needed signatures.


When you’re asked to sign, just review the document and follow the guides to click where your signature is needed. Then click "done" and return the contract to the initiator.

Safe and Secure

All communication is encrypted and documents digitally sealed. Contracts are stored in the Ariba system, with a tamper-proof master copy stored in an SAS70-compliant data center.

Tracking and Certification

Each signer receives certification of signing and a link to the signed document. You also have a full audit trail of the process, ensuring compliance and reducing risks.

Protected by Law

Under the 2000 Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, e-signatures carry the same legality as physical signatures, meeting all auditory and regulatory requirements.

Electronic signature capability is an option when you use Ariba's solutions for better contract management. For more information about electronic signature software, contact us.