Because some decisions need to be made now

Sometimes, procurement projects just can’t wait until you to get back to your desk to review and approve requisitions. So we’ve made it even easier to make timely and effective decisions using SAP Ariba procurement solutions. When your demanding schedule keeps you tied up in meetings or somewhere on the road, use the new Ariba Mobile app, available through the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play, to keep your requisitions moving along.

With the SAP Ariba Mobile app’s friendly interface and secure access to your SAP Ariba procurement solution, you can…

  • be effective anytime, anywhere
  • enjoy shorter procurement cycles
  • boost productivity
  • realize faster time-to-value


Mobile capabilities that can make your life easier



Search catalogs, review your choices, add them to your shopping cart, and submit your requisitions.

Approve requisitions

View requisition details, history, and attachments to quickly approve or deny requisition requests, adding comments when needed.

Track requisitions

Keep tabs on your requisitions by viewing details, history, and approval flow on demand. If needed, you can use the app to withdraw requisitions, too.

Watch requisitions

Use the app to monitor requisitions, keeping an eye on details, workflow, and attachments, adding comments as you like.

Pin requisitions

From the mobile app, you can pin a requisition pending approval to your SAP Ariba Buying application.

Review requisitions

Review the details and attachments of requisitions you recently approved or denied.

Send to device

To view supplier 360 reports at your convenience, send them from your SAP Ariba suite-integrated sourcing solution to your mobile device.

Use your fingerprint

If you have an iOS device you can use Touch ID to log in to your mobile app.

Give or get a nudge

Busy decision-makers sometimes need gentle reminders, so requisition requestors and watchers can nudge approvers to keep the process moving along.

Share know-how

Post, read, and comment on related content provided by peers in the online Ariba Exchange User Community.

Get the SAP Ariba Mobile app

The SAP Ariba Mobile app supports iOS versions 7.x and later, and Android version 4.4.x. You can download it from either the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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