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Make procurement as easy as online shopping, automating all or part of your P2P process for greater compliance and cost control.

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Drive Compliant Purchasing and Take Control of Costs and Risks

Here’s a puzzler: How can your purchasing system control more costs and risks when you’re juggling different processes on several ERPs, struggling to connect with suppliers near and far, and wrangling with users who want to do things their own way?

Answer: Make procurement as easy as shopping on

With Ariba’s procurement software, worldwide supplier network, and global support you can automate all or part of your procure-to-pay process, regardless of your backend ERP, purchasing, or spend-generating system. Users get a fast, consumer-like shopping experience, while you get:

  • Control over all goods and services purchasing
  • Better collaboration with your suppliers
  • Negotiated savings reaching the bottom line
  • Time to engage in more strategic activities


Optimize the Entire P2P Cycle or Just Part of It

You can improve the speed, performance, reach, and usability of any or all steps in your buying process. That is, the entire procure-to-pay cycle for goods and services, or just procure-to-order, or just content—seamlessly integrated with any ERP.

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Here’s What the Most Complete Procurement Solution and Largest Supplier Network Can Deliver


Rapid cloud delivery, the most pre-enabled suppliers, and easy supplier onboarding deliver time-to-value within weeks and full program payback in under a year, with minimal demands on IT.


Ariba’s global platform and supplier network help enable all users, onboard all suppliers, and manage all catalog content while expanding your opportunities to cut costs and mitigate risks.


Enjoying a consumer-like, intuitive experience, users will find the goods and services they need from your preferred suppliers, at your preferred prices.


Pull all divisions and ERP systems together into one system, connecting all users through a single interface to speed up processes and boost productivity.


Capture all spend categories, including complex business services. Monitor spending with complete visibility, provided by configurable dashboards and reports.


Ariba’s intuitive tools and interface improve collaboration between departments, while the Ariba Network connection facilitates collaboration with all your suppliers.


Global reach, easy online catalogs, automated tools, and approval flows help ensure compliance with pricing, supplier, and payment policies.


Best-practice guidance and support are available to help you drive adoption, onboard suppliers, and beat your savings goals.


Shorten buying cycles 50 percent to 70 percent. Realize supply savings of 10 percent. And lower your process costs 25 percent to 60 percent.


You can integrate Ariba procurement solutions with a complete business commerce management suite, enabling source-to-settle strategies for a healthier financial supplier chain.

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