Simplify and Control the Purchase of Non-Sourced Goods

You can usually rely on your procurement applications to help your company buy sourced items. But what happens when your employees need those one-off or emergency purchases that don’t make sense for Procurement to source? Finding and buying these spot buy items from a large number of suppliers can be costly and time consuming – for both your employees and Procurement. What’s more, these non-sourced goods can account for as much as 15 percent of your company’s indirect spend.*

Now there is a way to get a handle on it: Ariba Spot Buy. A new feature in Ariba Procurement solutions**, Ariba Spot Buy provides companies with …

  • an easy, consumer-like way to find and buy non-sourced goods
  • access to a broad ecosystem of supply filtered for business-appropriate goods
  • improved visibility and control of non-sourced spend


How it Works

Ariba Spot Buy combines traditional B2B procurement controls with B2C purchasing convenience. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find: When an item cannot be found in the company catalog, users search the Ariba Spot Buy catalog for the goods they need, filtering results by category, brand, and price.
  2. Approve: Configurable business rules and spot buy-specific workflow enforce corporate policies.
  3. Buy: Approved purchase requisitions trigger checkout, secure payment, and shipment of goods.

Now employees can easily find and buy the non-sourced goods they need. And with detailed data for monitoring and reconciling spot buy transactions, Procurement can finally bring non-sourced spend under management and better serve their internal customers.


Suppliers Benefit, Too

Ariba Spot Buy ensures that suppliers can offer their goods when and where buyers need them. It provides suppliers with an exciting new sales channel through which they can not only boost sales to existing customers, but also generate new sales and gain additional market share. You can hear from an SAP Ariba supplier by watching the video in the sidebar.


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* Ariba estimate, based on “Using Technology to Streamline Tactical Sourcing” from The Hackett Group, Inc., April 29, 2013.

** The use of Ariba Spot Buy feature is subject to regional availability.