Buyers Like It. You'll Like the Fast ROI.

Ariba Procure-to-Pay is the easy-to-use cloud solution that sets the standard for all the other procurement software offerings out there. It’s user friendly, with streamlined catalog maintenance and a configurable interface. And buyers use it. They like its fast, consumer-like shopping experience. That delivers your quick ROI, because built-in approval flows ensure both catalog and contract compliance, making sure your bottom line actually sees your negotiated savings.


Fast Launch, Low Maintenance

Ariba procure-to-pay software is offered as a subscription-based service. With nothing to install and automatic updates, you won’t need to lean on IT department so much.

Easy Integration

Ariba P2P integrates easily with your ERP to improve the speed, usability, and performance of your procure-to-pay process from requisition to reconciliation.

Efficient Collaboration

Extend your P2P process into the Cloud, where you’ll connect and collaborate with your suppliers more efficiently and effectively on the Ariba Network.

More Visibility, More Control

Get a better view and more control over all types of purchasing, even complex business services—a great way to deliver even more savings to the bottom line.

Lower Costs and Risks

Drive competition for your business up and your costs and risks down by finding new suppliers on the Ariba Network, more than 2 million qualified suppliers strong.

Global Reach

Through Ariba Procure-to-Pay, you can manage suppliers, processes, budgets, approvals, and payments for operations anywhere in the world.

This process has been seamless for us, and our suppliers are very pleased because they see more consistency in how they receive both POs and payment.

— Brooke Krenn , Senior Manager, Procurement Systems , Cox Enterprises