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Find qualified suppliers, and get competitive quotes quickly

Attend this 45-minute demo to learn how to quickly find qualified, trusted suppliers for your next project. We will look at SAP Ariba Discovery, a free buyer-supplier matching service that can serve as your on-ramp to the world’s largest business network, home to more than more than 2 million companies worldwide.

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About the demo

  • Learn how to use a business network to find new suppliers quickly and receive competitive quotes, saving you time and money
  • Get expert tips on how to use SAP Ariba Discovery effectively, including integration into SAP Ariba Sourcing and SAP Ariba Buying
  • Hear how your peers are successfully utlizing SAP Ariba Discovery and the significant savings and benefits they receive

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Before using Ariba Discovery, our team spent countless hours, days, and weeks trying to find new and qualified sellers. With Ariba Discovery, I can easily post my requirements and within a few days receive responses from multiple sellers.

— Randy Griswold , Sr. Sourcing Manager , Tupperware Brands