Source Services, Indirect Materials, even Direct Materials Using One Solution 

To negotiate best-value sourcing agreements, the kind that provide sustainable savings, you need the right strategic sourcing environment. One that's connected to a powerful supplier network and built with superior tools, expertise, and information.

You can create that environment with SAP Ariba strategic sourcing solutions: Ariba Sourcing or Ariba Collaborative Sourcing Professional. With tight integration to the Ariba Network and connections to more than 2 million suppliers, they both provide the features and benefits you need to deliver the best sourcing results ever.

And now Collaborative Sourcing Pro can take you a step further: You can finally simplify your sourcing processes by using a single solution for all spend categories – services, indirect materials, and direct materials.


Create the Right Strategic Sourcing Environment for Your Organization

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the primary features of Ariba Sourcing and Ariba Collaborative Sourcing Pro.

Solution Feature Description Ariba Sourcing
Ariba Collaborative
Sourcing Pro 
Fast Time-to-Value Cloud-based delivery means fast ROI and low TCO.
Quick and Easy Supplier Discovery Find qualified suppliers with free business matchmaking.
Supplier Profile Management Lower supply risk with up-to-date supplier information.
User-Friendly App Wizards and tools help guide the way in events both simple and complex.
Compliance through Workflow Ensure compliance with advanced, automated workflow and approval routing.
Sourcing Event Support Sourcing and event-day management assistance, including level-one help for both buyers and suppliers.
Expertise and Best Practices From onsite consulting to web-based templates, services are available to maximize your ROI.
Product Lifecycle Sourcing Seamless data sharing through integration with PLM, material management, and vendor management systems. -
Advanced Negotiation Functions Multiple event types, advanced scoring, and award optimization and analysis increase materials savings. -
End-to-End Strategic Sourcing Integrate Contract, Supplier Information, and Supplier Performance management processes with your sourcing solution. -
Advanced Direct Materials Sourcing Capabilities Now you can source both indirect and advanced direct materials on one platform. -

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