How it Works

Powered and supported by FreeMarkets® technology and services, Ariba StartSourcing is an intuitive, web-based RFX management tool that gives you access to more than 2 million sellers on Ariba Network and the world’s largest online sourcing marketplace. Delivered as a cloud-based service with no monthly fee, it enables you to quickly and easily create and manage strategic sourcing events without demands on your IT resources or operating budget.

In brief, here's how Ariba StartSourcing works:

  1. Sourcing Project Creation: Build an RFI, RFP, or reverse or forward auction using a wizard-driven process. Easily specify the event type, commodity, base language, regions, baseline spend, target savings percentage, currency, contract length, and contract effective date.
  2. Supplier Discovery and Invitation: Search for suppliers on the Ariba Network. You can also publish your intent to hold the event, and vet interested suppliers through an RFI.
  3. Pre-Bid Collaboration: Collaborate with stakeholders and advisors to refine and hone the event before launching it. You can even run a test event to make sure all your team members and invited suppliers understand your sourcing objectives and RFX content.
  4. Online Bidding Event: Go online and have your bidding event. Collect price and non-price information, along with weighted scoring and grading results, to help you make a best-value selection decision.
  5. Supplier Selection: Award the business. Ariba StartSourcing program flexibility means you can award the entire project to a single supplier, or allocate different lots or different percentages to multiple suppliers, right down to the line-item level.

For more details, watch the video tutorials in the sidebar.