Leave Paper Behind and Get Networked

It's the paper-based, manual processing of invoices and payments that's slowing down your accounts payable team, costing you money, and making your suppliers uneasy. Ariba can help you free your team from paper, automate your payables, and drastically reduce the frequency of calls from nervous suppliers. With Ariba's accounts payable software solutions, delivered as scalable subscription services, you can...

  • electronically connect with suppliers located around the world
  • speed up processing and approvals
  • ensure invoice accuracy
  • improve cash flow
  • cut costs
  • capture more early-payment discounts

With Ariba, you can be confident you're paying the right vendor the right amount at the right time. But first you need to capture all your invoice data in electronic format. It doesn't matter how your invoice data is currently received -- in any combination of paper and electronic input -- we can help you now. To find out how, explore these accounts payable software solutions for...

Invoice Management

No matter how you’re handling invoices now, Ariba can help you achieve 100 percent digital processing, saving time, cutting costs, and ensuring compliance. And with Ariba smart invoicing, your invoices are automatically matched to a purchase order, goods receipt, or contract to validate them before they hit your payment systems.

Payment Management

Managing payments with AribaPay is the revolutionary new way to finally provide suppliers with rich and timely remittance advice -- before they receive your electronic payments.

Discount Management

Automate the process of offering, negotiating, and agreeing on early-payment terms and both you and your suppliers will benefit. Dynamic discounting is available to help you achieve even more payment flexibliity.

Knowledge Sharing

Share information and insights with colleagues and peers on Ariba Exchange, your free professional networking and knowledge-sharing community.


See It in Action

To get a better idea of how Ariba's accounts payable software solutions can help you and your suppliers, watch our short demo.

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