It’s Not Just Who or What You Know. It’s How You Connect and Collaborate.

These days it’s easy to feel overextended, given the way your supply chain is stretched so tightly around the globe. All it would take to snap it is the next natural disaster, demand shock, or collapsed regional economy. So it’s no longer enough to just know the right people or best places to buy. Now you need tighter relationships with your suppliers, ultra-current information, and the means to act with utmost speed and agility.

This is precisely why you’re seeing the rise of the networked enterprise. Only through the speed, efficiency, and collaboration enabled by the world's largest web-based business network can you mitigate global economic risks and control your costs. With SAP Ariba's cloud solutions, you can ...

  • extend your sourcing and procurement processes beyond the four walls of your organization
  • coordinate and align your business decisions with your trading partners
  • share information and know-how to ensure smarter buying decisions and drive innovation

To learn how, explore SAP Ariba's market-leading solutions:


Create the right kind of sourcing environment, one that drives competition for your business, delivers best-value sourcing agreements, and provides sustainable savings.

Supplier Discovery

Use our free buyer-seller matching service to quickly find the right supplier from a network of more than 2 million connected companies. All you need to do is describe your needs, review proposals, and make your selection.


Provide your users with consumer-like tools that help them find the goods and services they need, from the suppliers you want them to use, and at your company’s preferred prices.

Contract Management

Rid yourself of the paper and ink and you can automate, standardize, and speed up the entire contract lifecycle. Manage any type of agreement for greater productivity and compliance.

Spend Analysis

Gather your spend data from wherever it lives, classify it according to company and industry standards, then enrich it with D&B market intelligence for a comprehensive analysis of company-wide buying practices.

Supplier Management

Keep supplier information updated and accurate, managing all of your data on a single, web-based platform. You’ll find it far easier to monitor supplier performance, assess compliance, and manage supply risk.

Ariba Exchange

Join this free professional networking and knowledge-sharing community, where you can connect and communicate with colleagues and peers about all stages of the P2P cycle.


See It In Action

To get an even better idea of how SAP Ariba can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your procurement organization, watch our short demo.

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To ably lead their missions, CPOs must play many roles across business, technical, and cultural terrains; the teams they assemble must be equipped with the right skills, tools, resources, and direction to keep pace.

— Andrew Bartolini , Chief Research Officer , Ardent Partners