Manage Cash Better
with These Solutions

Get rid of the paper to capture more discounts, optimize working capital, and strengthen your financial supply chain.

Financial Supply Chain Management for the Networked Economy

You can manage cash better once you've started capturing all incoming invoice data in electronic format. That enables quick, automated processing. And it sets the stage for more collaborative financial supply chain management through online network connections.

Start with Ariba’s scanning services. Or, a combination of scanning and e-invoicing, to capture and index all your invoices and enable approval workflow. Then we can talk about getting rid of the paper altogether, moving your suppliers to Ariba’s smart invoicing network to automate exception handling and ensure compliance.

Attaining that level of e-invoicing maturity, you’ll be able to more collaboratively manage cash, settle payments, capture more early-payment discounts, and optimize working capital, deriving full benefit from the Ariba Network for both you and your suppliers.


Capture, comply, and settle with Ariba Network solutions

Invoice Management

Ariba’s solutions can capture and digitize 100 percent of your invoices for touchless processing, automated exception handling, and stronger compliance—procedural, contractual, and legal, as well as the intricacies of VAT/tax compliance.

Payment Management with AribaPay

With AribaPay, buyers can finally provide suppliers with rich and timely remittance advice about each electronic payment—before the payment is received.

Discount Management

Buyers and their suppliers can collaborate to  fully automate the process of offering, negotiating, and agreeing on early-payment terms while optimizing both DPO and DSO.

To talk with a solutions expert about all the ways Ariba can help you better manage cash and strengthen your financial supply chain management, contact us.


We can request payment acceleration in exchange for a discount on a sliding scale, any time before the invoice due date. This flexibility for managing our cash flow through the Ariba Network is huge.

Mike Fleck , Accounting Manager , Kamp Grizzly