Accounts Receivable Financing

Ariba Receivables Financing, powered by The Receivables Exchange, leverages the Ariba Network to quickly convert your receivables to cash at attractive rates.

In Just Two Days You Can Convert Your
Accounts Receivable

With Ariba Receivables Financing, powered by The Receivables Exchange, you can access a global network of capital providers who will bid on your receivables to provide the cash you need. Easily and affordably, and in as short a time as two days, while you retain complete control over your cash flow and cost of capital.

This works because your invoices, flowing through the Ariba Network to The Receivables Exchange platform, are considered to be valid, low-risk documents – eligible for faster processing and advantageous discount rates through accounts receivable financing. You’re eligible to participate if your business...

  • Has at least $1.5M in annual sales
  • Has at least two years of operational history
  • Is registered to do business in the U.S.

Unlike other short-term financing instruments, Ariba Receivables Financing requires no personal guarantees, nor will there be any all-asset liens on your balance sheet.

How this Works

  1. Choose the invoices to auction, totaling at least $10,000. Post as many receivables, and stage as many simultaneous auctions, as you like.
  2. All communications flow through you; no one notifies your customers of the transaction.
  3. Specify the parameters — auction duration, minimum advance amount, and maximum fee you'll pay. You’re only obligated to accept bids that meet or improve on these parameters.
  4. Through the Ariba Network, your invoices are posted directly from your ERP or accounting system to The Receivables Exchange platform.
  5. There they can be entered into an auction that you can observe in real-time.
  6. The capital provider that submits the best bid within your parameters wins.
  7. Your advance is wired to you within one business day of the auction’s close.
  8. When your customer pays on their due date, The Receivables Exchange remits to the capital provider the amount you were advanced, plus the amount of the discount fee.
  9. You get paid any remaining balance.

How to Get Started

  1. Complete this no-commitment contact form.
  2. Hover over "I Manage Cash" and click on "Receivables Financing".
  3. Enter any additional comments you may have, and submit.
  4. We’ll get back to you to answer your questions and continue the process.

To learn more about accounts receivable financing through Ariba and The Receivables Exchange , download this datasheet.