Ariba Payment Management

Finally, a cost- and risk-reducing accounts payable solution that works for all of your suppliers.

Global Network Connections Make
Payment Management Easier

You probably don’t write and mail checks to pay your household bills anymore, because it’s easier, cheaper, faster, and safer to pay electronically. So why not handle your company’s accounts payable the same way? Because it’s too hard to get all your payees on board the same system? Well, that’s not a problem when you use Ariba Payment Management and the Ariba Network.

The Ariba Network is home to more than 1. 5 million companies around the world, and the fastest-growing financial partner eco-system. Easy to join, the Network is probably already home to a lot of your suppliers and their banks. That means you can use Ariba’s cloud-based solution and your web browser to extend your back-office systems and...

  • Transmit ACH payments safely and efficiently to your suppliers' banks
  • Send detailed remittance information to your suppliers
  • Provide suppliers with tools to monitor payments and maintain their own accounts


Automate Payments and Invoices for Optimal Advantage


Lower Costs
and Risks

Electronic payment helps you eliminate the costs and risks associated with checks and late payments.

Improve Staff Productivity

Your team can spend time on more strategic initiatives than fielding payment-status calls and updating supplier records.

Satisfy Partners

Your suppliers can monitor payment status themselves, and be confident they’ll get their money safely and on time.

Maximize Supplier Participation

Ariba can contact your suppliers on your behalf, explain the program’s benefits, and guide them through the enrollment and enablement process.

What’s more, the benefits Ariba Payment Management are amplified when you add Ariba’s smart invoicing solution. By automatically validating invoices and weeding out errors, you can enable straight-through, on-time, and touchless processing of nearly 100 percent of your invoices and payments. And that means even lower costs, fewer risks, and the capture of more supplier discounts.

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