Finally, electronic payments and real-time, rich remittance information, available together.

The End of the B2B Payment World As You Know It

For too long, remittance data and payments have been separate from one another. That’s why, today in the U.S. alone, nearly 90 percent of all businesses manually rekey remittance data. And sixty percent of all business transactions are settled with a paper check. But not for much longer.

Soon, the world will discover AribaPay.

Combining the Ariba Network’s information-sharing capability with the capacity to securely move money on a global scale, AribaPay will be a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that automates billing and settlement processes between buyers and sellers. Reducing costs and completing the procure-to-pay process faster, easier, and with more transparency.

Just think: Fewer paper checks, better electronic payments, less time spent fielding payment inquiries, and lower processing costs for buyers and suppliers. And real-time, rich remittance information, faster reconciliation, and improved cash management abilities for suppliers. Thanks to AribaPay, the business of doing business will never be the same.

Platform integration for better visibility and forecasting Faster exception identification and resolution
Fewer paper checks Better reconciliation
Fewer supplier payment inquiries Improved cash management
Better bank account management Payment "track and trace"
Lower processing costs Improved reporting


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AribaPay is expected to debut in 2014. If you want to stay in-the-know about developments, and even help design the solution with your input, click on one of these:


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