Ariba On-Demand: 13s Procurement

New Features and Enhancements Preview

We are pleased to announce that Ariba 13s Procurement is planned for deployment in the December / January 2015 timeframe focusing on features for Ariba Procure-to-Pay, Ariba Procure-to-Order, Ariba Procurement Content, and Ariba Invoice Professional. 

With Ariba’s commitment to smarter automation, actionable intelligence, and deeper collaboration between buyers and suppliers, 13s Procurement introduces sophisticated capabilities to enable customers to increase spend under management and drive comprehensive compliance. End users will see a significant improvement in catalog search and search performance (including enhancements around typeahead search) with dramatically shortened supplier catalog upload times. For customers that are integrated with Ariba Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management, Procurement Workspaces will provide one central project management container to maintain all sourcing and procurement documents related to a procurement initiative. 

Customers will realize faster time-to-value with improved master data integration, improved efficiencies reconciling invoices related to complex services spend, and increased collaboration between suppliers and buyers. Also, customers who have deployed SAP SRM with Ariba Procurement Content will now be able to search supplier catalogs uploaded on the Ariba Network directly in SRM.


Explore 13s Procurement Hands-on through the Early Access Program

To effectively prepare for this release, you are encouraged to apply for and participate in Ariba's Early Access Program. Through this program you have access to a non-production, pre-release site. This allows you to explore hands-on the planned new features, functions, and process improvements. (Some features may not be available on the Early Access site, or may not be available to you based on your solution subscription.)

Please apply for the Early Access Program through Ariba Connect. Once you log in, click on the Early Access tab to learn more. You can submit any questions via the Early Access Program Service Request form available at the bottom of the tab.

The pre-release version of 13s Procurement accessible under the 13s Procurement Early Access Program is still undergoing testing and does not represent a final product from Ariba, nor does any of the documentation or other materials describing the Early Access Program or new features represent any commitment by Ariba to include any specific new features in any version of the Ariba products. All information about the 13s Procurement Early Access Program is proprietary and confidential information of Ariba.

* This information reflects the status of Ariba's planning as of September 2014, and the features and release schedule discussed are subject to change at any time without notice. Ariba assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and nothing in this web page should be construed to represent any commitment by Ariba to include any specific new features in any version of the Ariba solutions.


Planned New Features of 13s Procurement




Smart Catalog Filtering

Catalog items can be delivered by selecting which items to make available to a buyer based on system information such as role, location, etc.

Ariba Procurement Content

Contract Integration for Collaborative Commerce and Procurement Content

This set of features includes the ability to update contract information in the cloud catalog, use the cloud catalog items while creating contracts on the external procurement system, and then pass this information to the external systems either as cXML elements or by mapping to one or more OCI custom fields.

Ariba Procurement Content

OCI 5.0 Catalog Support

For SRM 7.0 users using OCI 5.0 with Ariba Collaborative Commerce or the Ariba Procurement Content solution, catalog items can be collaboratively refreshed and entered via the Ariba Network.  These items are passed via JavaScript Object Notification (JSON) to the appropriate location that will allow them to be used by SRM as the source for catalog information.

Ariba Procurement Content

Advanced Services Invoicing

This feature allows buyers and sellers to collaborate effectively on complex, project-based spend categories. Sellers can now enter the project progress in the service sheets. Buyers can reconcile the service sheets against the service orders and contracts. Sellers then flip the approved service sheets into invoices for exception-free invoicing process.

Ariba Invoice Professional

Procurement Workspace

A single repository that is used to store and view all documents related to a project, including but not limited to requisitions, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and receipts.

Ariba Procure-to-Pay

Ariba Procure-to-Order

Typeahead Search

This feature provides the ability to see suggested search terms as users type in the catalog search box.

Ariba Procurement Content

Ariba Procure-to-Pay

Ariba Procure-to-Order

Enhanced Search

Catalog search capabilities have been enhanced and users can experience improved performance, scalability, and ordering.

Ariba Procurement Content

Ariba Procure-to-Pay

Ariba Procure-to-Order

For more details, please contact your Customer Engagement Executive.

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