Ariba On-Demand: 13s Ariba Network

New Features and Enhancements Preview

We are pleased to announce that 13s Ariba Network (formerly referred to as Ariba Release 13s3 and Ariba Discovery 13) is planned for deployment in the April/May 2014 timeframe.

This release continues Ariba’s commitment to smarter automation, actionable intelligence, and deeper collaboration with your customers. This release delivers innovation and capabilities to sellers in the areas of:

  • Expanded sales opportunity visibility and profile management
  • Deeper buyer transaction visibility and collaboration
  • Improved global capabilities

Click on a link to see what's planned for 13s Ariba Network:

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Ariba Network

Ariba Discovery

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in this notice reflects the status of Ariba's planning as of December 2013 and the features and release schedule discussed are subject to change at any time without notice. Ariba assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and nothing in this notice should be construed to represent any commitment by Ariba to include any specific new features in any version of the Ariba solutions.

Planned New Features by Solution Offering

Ariba Network



Country Specific Seller Company Profile Fields

Sellers now see new fields in the company profile based on the selected country. Based on the country, some fields are mandatory.

Batch Numbers

To improve traceability, sellers can enter a batch number and a confirmation date in Advance Shipment Notices.

Order Inquiry

Buyers can now send sellers an Order Inquiry via a new document type called, "Inquiry."  Sellers can respond to these inquiries via the message functionality or via an Order Confirmation. This feature supports expediting and pre-delivery status collaboration processes.

Support for Invoicing Purchase Order Blanket Lines

Ariba Network will now allow sellers to create invoices based on blanket lines in purchase orders. Sellers can add line items under blanket lines while creating invoices to describe how they fulfilled the order.

Tax Association with Charges and Allowances on Header and Line Level

Buyers can now allow sellers to add allowances and charges at the header and line level. Sellers can specify the related tax information to allowance and charge lines.

True eInvoice Close Task

During supplier enablement, only invoices entered or submitted by the sellers in their Ariba Network account are used to mark the Invoice Sent task as complete.

Enhanced Invoice Rejection Reason Display

Ariba Network has separated the rejection status comments and reason from the technical invoice history and prominently placed this business information in a banner that displays prominently and clearly to sellers.

Validating Cloud/ AN User Email Addresses

All users accounts with non-validated emails will be asked to validate them.

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Ariba Discovery



Leads Dashboard

This feature introduces a new leads dashboard that is available to sellers upon login. This provides quick and easy navigation to leads and other points of interest. The navigation menu has also been redesigned to provide a path to different areas within Ariba Discovery.

Improved Commodity and Territory Selection

 “Commodities” and “Territories” have been renamed “Product and Service Categories” and “Ship-to or Service Locations,"  respectively. Users can now propose custom product and service categories when they do not exist in the product or category tree.

Attachment Support After Posting Close

Attachments can be added to a posting after the response deadline has passed to provide additional, searchable information about the posting to sellers and other parties.

E-mail-Based Buyer Notifications and Messaging

Buyers can now view and reply to seller responses directly from their email client without logging into Ariba Discovery, expediting buyer and seller interactions. Buyer notifications have also been enhanced and now provide buyers with more detailed information. In addition, sellers can now follow-up with buyers and request a status update and feedback on their responses.

Seller Ratings and References

A simplified seller rating system that allows buyers to rate their interaction with a seller in two contexts: 1) In Ariba Discovery, where buyers rate sellers in their interaction in the context of a posting; and 2) In Ariba Sourcing, where buyers rate sellers in their interaction in the context of an event.  Buyers may also provide references for sellers along with their positive ratings.

D&B Risk Score Data Enabled for All Sellers

All sellers can now include their D&B DUNS number on their company profile, allowing buyers to access seller risk score information when reviewing responses to postings. Sellers benefit from providing this key qualifying information by making it easier for buyers to qualify sellers' financial status.

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Please contact your Customer Executive for more details.