Ariba On-Demand: 14s Ariba Network

New Features and Enhancements Preview for Sellers

We are pleased to announce that 14s Ariba Network release is planned for deployment in the June/July 2015 timeframe*, focusing on features for Procurement and Ariba Network solutions.

Committing itself to SAP’s "Run simple" promise for making business commerce easier and more transparent, 14s Ariba Network delivers innovations to help our sellers optimize their business processes and collaborate effectively with their customers. This release includes enhancements in the following areas:  

  • Simplifying Usability: Buyer profile visibility for better alignment and status feedback during the spot quote process and improved password reset capability for occasional users
  • Business Collaboration and Growth: Align with your customer’s business requirements better with new extended buyer profiles; enabling of multiple buyer sold-to and bill-to addresses; and comparisons between business configurations of different buyers
  • Ordering, Invoicing, and Payment Enhancements: Start invoice creation by flipping a ship notice or a goods receipt into an invoice. And, based on your customer’s use of the Ariba Network capabilities, goods scheduling information can now be made available to you in the Ariba Network
  • Globalization: New business rules to support tax invoicing requirements in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and France to drive comprehensive compliance

To see what's planned for 14s Ariba Network, click on a link:

* This information reflects the status of Ariba's planning as of February 2015 and the features and release schedule discussed are subject to change at any time without notice. Ariba assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and nothing in this web page should be construed to represent any commitment by Ariba to include any specific new features in any version of the Ariba solutions.


Planned New Features of 14s Ariba Network


Ordering, Invoicing, and Payment Capabilities



Increased Document Size Support

The Ariba Network supports the transmission and use of documents up to 40 MB in size.

Enhanced Purchase Order Business Rules

Ariba Network business rules for purchase orders have been enhanced in the purchase order creation process. New rules include buyer-required rejection reason, consignment items indicator, lump-sum contract items, block order confirmation flag, and fully confirmed line items before adding them to other documents. 

Order Task Reminders

Ariba Network buyers can enable a rule that causes the Ariba Network to send automatic reminders to sellers about orders that have not been confirmed after a specified number of days. At the beginning of each week, the Ariba Network sends the buyer a CSV report of unconfirmed orders that have generated notifications within the last 30 days.

PDF Order Generation

Ariba Network buyers and sellers can now download POs and change orders in PDF format and store them for auditing purposes.

Enhanced Invoice Rules Configuration

Enhancements to the Ariba Network invoice business rules allow buyers to restrict invoice creation with a future date, display seller part number extension in the invoice UI, allow sellers to change a part number extension, and flip allowance and charge values to an invoice even if the rule is disabled.

Multi-Level PO-Flip

The Ariba Network enables sellers to flip a service order with item groups into a service invoice without first creating a service sheet. This is an important feature for sellers that handle service sheets outside of the Ariba Network. The invoice flipped from the service order maintains the same hierarchy shown in the order.

Multi-Document PO-Flip

The Ariba Network allows sellers to create invoices from information on goods receipts and advance ship notices, similar to a PO-Flip.

Automatic Generation of Service Sheets
for Sellers

Simplifies processing for sellers that use their billing process to complete service sheets by automatically generating a service sheet prior to the full invoice submission

Enhanced Attachment Handling for Non-Integrated Services Sellers

This feature delivers an improved method for non-integrated sellers to add attachments when loading one or more service entry sheets via CSV method.

Multi-Level Hierarchy Support –
Services Invoicing

This feature allows buyers to send service sheet-related purchase orders with a service hierarchy to reflect the logical grouping of seller tasks in the ERP’s definition of the service. Sellers may view this hierarchy on purchase orders, order confirmations, service sheets, and invoices. If the buyer allows the addition of unplanned items on the service sheet, sellers may add these items within the appropriate grouping of activities.

Consolidated View of Material and Service Line Items on Invoices

This feature provisions invoices to have a single table for material and service line items. The line items table maintains the same sequence and hierarchy as the purchase order. Previously, the invoice had separate tables for material and service lines which made it difficult to match items on the invoice with items on the purchase order.

AribaPay: Tax Withholding

This feature allows buyers to include withholding taxes with AribaPay payments.

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Simplifying Usability



Password Reset Enhancements

The password reset enhancements increase the password expiration limit from 90 days to 5 years (1,826 days) for users who do not have access to another user’s credit card or PCard data. They also include updates to the list of secret questions and introduce case and white space insensitivity for answers to those questions.

Enhanced Buyer Profiles and Profile Change Notifications

This feature enables buyers to better share their business requirements with their trading partners. Enhancements include an extended buyer company profile and the ability to share buy-side requirements, business rules, and master data such as ship-to and bill-to addresses with their sellers. Additionally, sellers can be notified when a buyer’s business requirements change.

Ariba Spot Quote Award Notification

This feature communicates the seller's award status of an Ariba Spot Quote event for which the seller has submitted a response.

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Globalization Support



Enhancements to Support
European Invoicing

This feature provides enhancements related to specific European invoice requirements, including:

  • New types of charges on line- and header-level
  • Enhanced functionality for adding allowances and charges
  • Display of compound charges and allowances calculation
  • Support for French parafiscal taxes
  • Support for invoices payable to a factoring service
  • Support for item groups in non-PO invoices

Enhanced Rules for European Tax Invoicing

This feature modifies existing business rules and adds new ones for invoice processing in order to support European Tax Invoice requirements.

Tax Invoicing for Mexico

Ariba Network sellers in Mexico can integrate directly with an accredited electronic invoicing service provider to submit stamped CFDI invoices to Ariba Network buyers.

Tax Invoicing for Services in Brazil

The Ariba Network supports electronic service invoicing (NFS-e) in the São Paulo municipality of Brazil. Service invoices are regulated at the municipality level in Brazil.  Ariba partners with a third-party service provider (TrustWeaver) to enable sellers to record their transactions relating to delivery of services with the municipality. The transaction procedure includes digital signing, submission, and cancellation of service invoices in the municipality systems.

Tax Invoicing for Chile

The Ariba Network provides functionality in support of e-invoicing standards specified by the Chilean tax authority (Servicio de Impuestos Internos, or SII).

Tax Invoicing for Colombia

The Ariba Network supports tax invoicing according to e-invoicing standards specified by the Colombian tax authority (National Tax and Customs Direction, or DIAN).

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Collaboration Capabilities



Direct Material Fields for Order and
Invoice Collaboration

This feature provides usability improvements to further support direct materials processing, with fields now visible and editable in the seller user interface in the Ariba Network. The new fields appear in purchase orders, ship notices, invoices, and goods receipt notifications for sellers creating collaborative supply chain invoices.

Ship Notice Due Lists

This feature enables sellers to organize and prioritize shipments and create advance shipment notifications, based on due dates. In addition, sellers can create consolidated ship notices from multiple purchase orders.

Scheduling Agreement Releases

This feature allows buyers to collaborate with sellers using the Ariba Network user interface to collaborate on scheduling agreement releases. Buyers can periodically communicate releases to their sellers, and these sellers can create ship notices for materials requested from the scheduling agreement releases.

SAP Supply Network
Collaboration Integration

Integration with the SAP Supply Network Collaboration product enhances the Ariba Network with specialized and complex supply chain management business functions, offering a 360-degree view of the supply chain.

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