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New Features and Enhancements Preview for Buyers

We are pleased to announce that the 15s Ariba Network release is planned for deployment in the January/February 2016 timeframe*, focusing on features for Ariba Network solutions.

In support of SAP’s “Run Simple” promise for making business commerce simple, the 15s Ariba Network release introduces capabilities that remove system complexity to provide unparalleled collaboration between buyers and suppliers. The 15s Ariba Network release delivers simpler and smarter business processes, enhances invoice and payment capabilities, and extends global compliance by partnering with TrustWeaver.  

Enhancements that help our customers run at their best fall into the following areas:

  • Business Collaboration: New collaboration capabilities between buyers and suppliers with provision of evaluated receipt settlement invoicing.
  • Innovation: Additional business rules for orders and invoices to extend buyer-specified compliance support and new features that simplify the creation and processing of services invoices.
  • Globalization: Partnership with TrustWeaver for electronic archiving of tax invoices, services invoicing enhancements for Sao Paulo and Japanese support.

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Business Collaboration



* This information reflects the status of Ariba's planning as of November 2015 and the features and release schedule discussed are subject to change at any time without notice. Ariba assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions and nothing in this web page should be construed to represent any commitment by Ariba to include any specific new features in any version of the Ariba solutions.


Planned New Features of the 15s Ariba Network Release

Business Collaboration



Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) Invoicing

This feature allows buyers to enable ERS at the profile level for specific suppliers for which the buyer is automatically generating invoices based on ERS agreements. Ariba Network disables invoicing for ERS purchase orders and processes ERS invoices from the buyer.





Attachment Handling Improvements

Attachment handling feature has been improved in the following areas:
• Buyers can now require that suppliers add at least one attachment to a service invoice.
• Suppliers can now add multiple line-level attachments in order confirmations and invoices.
• Buyers can now restrict suppliers from using specific characters in attachment filenames.

Invoice Date Enforcement

With this feature, buyers can now enforce date information at the line item level for material lines (mandatory delivery dates) and service lines (mandatory start-end dates). Start date must be before end date, and end date cannot be in the future.

Confirmed Quantities on Ship Notices

With this feature, buyers can now control the submission of ship notices from suppliers for partially confirmed quantities. Previously, buyers could only control submittal of ship notices for fully confirmed orders.

Invoice Currency Enforcement

This feature allows buyers to restrict currency options on invoices to only those currencies supported in their ERP systems.

Buyer-Customized Service Codes 

This new feature enables buyers to create an approved list of charges as service codes, and restricts suppliers to choose from that list as they add or modify charges during invoice creation.





Electronic  Archiving of Tax Invoices

Ariba Network has partnered with TrustWeaver to provide electronic archiving of tax invoice documents. This feature also supports electronic archiving of invoices based on country-specific archiving criteria.

Services Invoicing Enhancements for Sao Paulo

This feature expands Brazilian tax invoicing support for services with new fields and details based on the latest schema changes published by the municipality of Sao Paulo.

Support for Japanese Address Formats

This feature supports the inclusion of the address format specific to Japanese invoices and transaction documents. This address format is integral to processing Japanese invoices on the Ariba Network.

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