Solving Problems and Improving Productivity in the Networked Economy

Now that business commerce is a global affair, you’re on point to find ways to help your company overcome complex supply chain management challenges. You need to look outside the four walls of your company.

Drive Collaboration for Competitive Advantage

When you’re charged with overseeing an organization’s use of information technology, the Networked Economy can pose some interesting challenges. Because to be viable and competitive your company must now be able to quickly and efficiently discover, connect, and collaborate with its trading partners, no matter where in the world they operate. That means you need to enhance your infrastructure with tools and standards for better visibility and information-sharing, both within your company and with trading partners.

Do it with Ariba. Our industry-leading solutions are designed to leverage your existing infrastructure and extend any ERP or back-office processes into the cloud. That way, using just their web-browsers, your users and trading partners can share information safely and securely. And by joining the Ariba Network – the world’s largest trading partner community – they’ll have everything they need to buy smarter, sell faster, and manage cash more effectively in today’s networked economy.

Explore Ariba’s collaborative solutions for...

Buying Smarter

Selling Faster

Managing Cash Better