Better Sales and Marketing in the Networked Economy

Being networked today means so much more than just knowing a lot of people. It means being electronically connected; savvy and adept in the ways of global B2B e-commerce. Nothing offers a better opportunity for demonstrating that ability
and achieving your sales goals than the Ariba Network.

Get Networked to Increase Sales
and Lower Costs

Today’s cloud-based, B2B e-commerce environment offers your customers and prospects more choices than ever before to cut costs, mitigate risks, and manage cash through close trading-partner collaboration. And they’re turning to the Ariba Network to do it.

You, too, can get networked and take advantage of opportunities to increase sales and lower fulfillment costs. Choose Ariba, and you’ll find everything you need to be a leading player in the Networked Economy. Such as qualified leads through buyer-seller matching, online sourcing event opportunities, and apps for accelerating sales contracts and collaborating on orders and invoices.

You know, the Ariba Network is the world’s largest trading partner community. Over the next 24 hours, more than 1. 6 million buyers and sellers will conduct about $1.64 billion in business commerce. And you're just a few clicks away from getting in on that.

Ariba Discovery for Sellers

Thousands of buyers from the world’s leading companies use this free matching service to find goods and services, giving sellers leads to billions of dollars in business.

Ariba Sales & Marketing Programs

As buyers turn to the Ariba Network to find new suppliers, let them know you’re able to respond efficiently and effectively to their needs.

Ariba Order and Catalog Management Software

Collaborate with your customers during the ordering process, managing your online orders, catalogs, and invoices via the Ariba Network.

Ariba Sales Contract Management

To meet your sales goals, closing more deals and closing them faster, automate your sales contracting process with the market-leading solution.

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Our e-business strategy and use of the Ariba Network support consistent high-quality service while achieving efficiencies throughout the order-to-invoice process, allowing us to be competitive in 29 countries and across different continents.

Jocelyn Lescure , Group eBusiness Manager , Lyreco