Manage Cash and Risk Better in the Networked Economy

Liberate your Accounts Payable and Receivable teams from the shackles of paper-based and manual processes. You’ll get the visibility and agility you need to meet the cash management and risk mitigation demands of today’s volatile
global marketplace.

Leave Paper Behind and Enter a World of Opportunities

When you free your teams from paper, automate your invoice and payment processes, and join the Ariba Network, you’ll find yourself in a networked world of cash and risk management opportunities. Like smart invoicing, for matching and validating invoices before they hit your payment systems. And collaborative discount management, including dynamic discounting, for lowering costs while maintaining or extending DPO. 

But first you have to capture all your invoice data in electronic format. And regardless of how your invoices are currently being processed, Ariba can help you now. Take some time to explore our solutions...

Invoice Management

No matter how you’re handling invoices now, Ariba can help you achieve 100 percent digital processing, saving time, cutting costs, and ensuring compliance.

Payment Management with AribaPay

With AribaPay, buyers can finally provide suppliers with rich and timely remittance advice about each electronic payment—before the payment is received.

Discount Management

Collaborate with your suppliers to fully automate the process of offering, negotiating, and agreeing on early payment terms, while maintaining or extending your DPO.


Automate all or part of your procure-to-pay process, regardless of your backend ERP, procurement, or spend-generating system.

Ariba Exchange

Share information and insights with colleagues and peers in this free professional networking and knowledge-sharing community.

The net effect (with Ariba) has been an extension of DPO while increasing early payment discounts to have a real impact on bottom-line savings.

.. , Global P2P Process Owner , Global Biopharmaceutical Company