E-Commerce Solutions
for Sellers

Strengthen your online presence and become a preferred supplier to purchase-ready buyers from around the world.

Sell Faster in the Networked Economy through the Ariba Commerce Cloud

As more and more of your prospects and customers launch e-commerce initiatives to find new suppliers for their needs, have you stopped to think about the time you’re spending managing each of those relationships? All those separate connections. All those profiles to maintain. All those passwords. All that redundancy and inefficiency. Truth is, if you want to grow your business in the Networked Economy, you really don’t have that kind of time.

To compete and sell faster, you need the scale and reach of network-centric e-commerce solutions. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Ariba Commerce Cloud for Sellers. By signing on just once to the Seller Collaboration Console, using a consolidated company profile across all of Ariba's cloud-based, e-commerce solutions for sellers, you can collaborate on the full source-to-settle process with all of your customers. On one platform, you’ll have access to thousands of potential customers, free buyer-seller matching, tools for participating in buyers’ sourcing events, and more. The Seller Collaboration Console provides access to:

Ariba Discovery

This service automatically sends you notifications of high-quality requests for the types of goods and services you provide. With leads powered by Ariba Discovery, you’ll have access to purchase-ready decision makers among the world’s largest community of buyers.

Ariba Sourcing

When your proposals are powered by Ariba Sourcing, you can quickly and easily respond to RFIs, RFQs, and auctions in a fair and transparent bidding environment. You’ll also find it easier to keep important information up-to-date, such as certificates.

Ariba Contract Management

With contracts powered by Ariba Contract Management, you can collaborate with your customers on contract creation and negotiation much more efficiently and effectively.

Order and Catalog Management

You can increase wallet share, drive up order accuracy, and accelerate cash flow when orders, catalogs, and invoices are powered by the Ariba Network. You’ll have the e-commerce solutions you need to collaborate with customers during the entire order-to-cash process.


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Ariba Sales & Marketing Programs

Proven, highly targeted sales and marketing strategies, including event marketing, designed to let more buyers know you’re savvy in the ways of e-commerce and able to respond quickly to their needs.

Ariba Sales Contract Management

To meet your sales goals, close more deals, and close them faster, use the leading contract management e-commerce solution to automate your sales contracting process with all of your customers.


To learn more about the Ariba Commerce Cloud for Sellers, the Seller Collaboration Console, and Ariba's e-commerce solutions, review our datasheets.