Order and Catalog Management Software

Boost wallet share, improve order accuracy, and speed up
cash flow by collaborating with customers on the
order-to-cash process.

Satisfy More Customers with End-to-End Collaborative Commerce

The drivers of the Networked Economy are global buying organizations that are eager to make business commerce more collaborative by connecting with their trading partners electronically. Increasingly, they’re turning to the Ariba Network, the world’s largest trading partner community, where more than 1. 5 million buyers and sellers transact over $500 billion+ in business annually. It’s a simple matter of the network effect: access to so many suppliers in one place makes every step from source to settle more efficient and effective across the supply chain.

The Ariba Network provides order management and catalog management software as a subscription-based service in the Cloud to help you drive affordable and efficient collaboration in your order-to-cash cycle with Network buyers. Interacting on a single, web-based platform, you’ll be equipped to...

  • Collaborate virtually and instantly on orders, confirmations, invoices, payments, and more
  • Improve accuracy and cash flow with visibility into order and invoice status
  • Centralize communications using a consolidated order collaboration dashboard
  • React quickly to customers’ e-commerce needs, increasing share-of-wallet


Colllaborate with the Ariba Network's Catalog Management and Order Management Software

Improved Responsiveness

Through automated processes on a single, scalable platform, you can speed up responses to new orders, changes, confirmations, cancellations, and advance ship notices.

Full Process Visibility

Automated notifications keep you
up-to-date about order changes and cancellations, while online access to payment status helps with cash forecasting.


There's no order management or catalog management software to install and your IT crew doesn't need to be involved. To start, simply create your Ariba Commerce Cloud profile.

Single Sign-On

Signing on to one platform gives you access to the Ariba Network; free buyer-seller matching; software for order management and catalog management; sourcing-event participation, and more.

Better Compliance

Consumer-like catalogs, efficient processes, fewer rejected orders, and accurate invoices lead to better contractual and procedural compliance between you and your customers.

Lower Costs

Automating communications and document transmittals in a closed-loop manner costs less, just as it did for Staples, who cut order processing costs by 75 percent.

Accuracy and Completeness

Network collaboration ensures that orders contain correct and required information, which in turn ensures accurate invoices and faster payment.

To learn more about collaborating with your customers using Ariba Network's catalog management and order management software-as-a-service, read this datasheet

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