Replacing one customer’s CIF catalog with Ariba PunchOut helped us increase sales by 300 percent in three years while saving the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars – a true win-win.

Barry Eisenberg, Business Contract Manager, B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio


Catalog Management
with Ariba PunchOut

Customize catalog content and pricing to maximize sales with each customer.

Does your catalog content change frequently? Do you offer highly configurable items that require a complex order process or must be customized for each buyer? Are your catalogs large, with over 1,000 line items? If so, Ariba PunchOut is your best choice for catalog management.

Now you can set up a "punch out" connection once with your customer and have a touch-free solution going forward. Buyers can easily punch out to your website to see the most recent prices, options, and item selections. At the same time, by eliminating manual catalog maintenance activities, Ariba PunchOut can save you considerable time and effort.

Ariba PunchOut also provides flexibility for personalized, merchandizing to drive higher sales. You can package complementary goods and services together, offer tailored product selections, proactively recommend accessories, advertise special promotions, and more. The result is a more consumer-like shopping experience that today's enterprise customers expect. You can also use PunchOut catalogs to control the product information that each particular customer sees, such as price and inventory, as well as the branding and product uniqueness of each catalog.

As you negotiate with buyers and consult on the best catalog content format, it's important to convey the value of Ariba PunchOut as a possible option. You'll find that the investment improves customer satisfaction because it's easier to do business with you, and it provides a better shopping experience.

Solution Highlights

Ariba PunchOut gives you a low-cost, easy way to provide your Ariba customers with customized content, personalized shopping experiences, and timely content updates. Now you can:

  • Set Up a Touch-free Solution – Extend the product and service content that you have on your B2B e-commerce website to instantly update buyer catalog content.
  • Personalize Shopping Experiences – Present your products and services the way you want buyers to see them -- with photos, co-branding, customized promotions, recommended accessories and services, pre-negotiated pricing, and more.
  • Optimize Merchandizing Strategies – Leverage your merchandizing teams' expertise to boost up-sells, cross-sells, and order sizes.
  • Increase Order Accuracy – Because PunchOut catalogs ensure that your customers always order using your latest content, orders are delivered to you with greater accuracy.
  • Receive and Respond to Orders Faster – By offering customers one-click shopping, you can receive and respond to orders faster, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct Thorough Catalog Testing – Before your PunchOut catalog content goes live, you can conduct buyer-specific, closed-loop testing to ensure a seamless, tailored customer experience.

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