Get Closer to Your Goals with Faster, More Efficient Sales Contract Management

You’ve got ambitious, pressing sales goals. So let’s cut to the chase: To close more deals and close them faster, automate your sales contract management. Otherwise, you’ll just keep hitting delays because of that reinvent-the-wheel routine of writing, reviewing, and re-reviewing. Those delays can threaten a deal, and there’s no reason to incur such risk anymore.

Not when there’s Ariba Sales Contract Management. With this cloud-based solution, you can...

  • eliminate paper contracts altogether
  • standardize and streamline the contracting process
  • employ pre-approved language, terms, and conditions
  • accelerate reviews, revisions, and approvals
  • store all contracts in a centralized repository
  • monitor every stage of the contract lifecycle
  • distribute and sign electronically


The Most Complete Sales Contract Management Solution


Fast Time-to-Value

Get underway quickly in the cloud, with lower TCO, always-current versions, and minimal demands on IT.

Quicker Process

Use pre-approved templates and clauses to standardize sales contract creation and facilitate review and approval.

On-Time Renewals

Receive advance notification of expiration dates and other key milestones to make the most of your renewal and upsell opportunities.

Complete Visibility

Stay informed throughout the contract cycle with automatic alerts, handy dashboards, and configurable reports.

Central Repository

Never lose track of a sales contract with secure, electronic storage and powerful search tools for quick access.

Effective Collaboration

Work with all stakeholders easily, using Microsoft Word on a shared, web-based platform. You can even automate some negotiation and collaboration steps.

For more information about Ariba's solution for sales contract management, download the datasheet.