Another Way SAP Ariba Helps You Sell Simple

Is your e-commerce program keeping up with your customers? They’re always on-the-go, doing business at all hours via their phones and tablets. Which means you need the same mobility to provide the instant feedback and online transaction information they’ve come to expect from their suppliers. No matter where you happen to be when they want it.

Ariba Supplier mobile app is here to help you do just that, simply and easily.

Here’s how: Imagine you’re at a conference, in an airport, or maybe even taking a much-needed vacation. But you’re expecting some orders any time now, and some invoices that need to be approved. You want to keep them moving along. So you take out your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, touch the Ariba icon, and…


1. Use Your Fingerprint to Log In

If you have an iOS device you can use Touch ID to log into Ariba. Or rely on your secret PIN.

2. Review the Dashboard

The first thing you’ll see are highlights of key order and invoice details and a summary of transaction activity, including total orders, orders not invoiced, and invoices pending approval.

3. Search and Filter

Look to see if you’ve received a specific order or other document you’re expecting.

4. Confirm New Orders

If you’ve received a new PO, you can confirm it so your customer knows right away that you’ve received it.

5. Track Existing Orders and Invoices

Then stay on top of things by reviewing details, status changes, and history of any existing order or invoice.

6. Set Up Alerts

You need to track closely the status of certain types of documents, so you tell the system to notify you on your mobile device when changes occur.

7. Pin a Document

Coming across a PO or invoice that’s going to take some extra time once you’re back at your desk, you pin it to your browser so you can access it later quickly and easily.

And ... No More Password Hassles

We all forget passwords from time to time. So if you ever forget your Ariba Network password, the mobile app makes it easy to reset it. Just use the app's new mobile password generator to create a one-time password, log-in to the network, and reset your password to something you can easily remember.

Start Using Ariba Supplier Today

Ariba Supplier mobile app supports iOS versions 7.x and later, and Android version 4.4.x (some features are limited). You can download it from either the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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