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SMP Subscriptions and Pricing

Collaborate with your customers over the Ariba Network for free until you reach activity thresholds that deliver even greater business value.

A Program that Keeps Up as Your E-Commerce Capabilities and Experience Grow

No matter how tech-savvy you are, your SMP subscription can help you make your customer’s purchasing experience as easy as shopping on As your e-commerce business grows, your subscription level rises and the features and benefits expand to help your e-commerce program drive more sales, collaboration, automation, and competitive differentiation through …

  • value-added functionality
  • commerce management tools and training
  • catalog and connectivity solutions
  • technical support
  • project management resources


Five SMP Subscription Packages

There are five levels of SMP subscription packages. They are:

  1. Standard (Free)
  2. Select
  3. Premier
  4. Enterprise
  5. Enterprise Plus


How Your Subscription Level and Pricing are Determined

Ariba uses your total annual transaction volume across all customers to determine the most supportive subscription level for your e-commerce program. You have a free Standard subscription until the sum total of your network transactions surpasses two activity thresholds. We call these chargeability thresholds and they encompass:

  • Annual document count. Documents are defined as purchase orders and invoices. Note: You do not pay for order confirmations, advance ship notices, invoice and payment status reports, and other documents.


  • Annual network transaction volume. This is defined as the total financial value of your transactions over the Ariba Network. The formula is:

Value of Purchase Orders Received + Value of Non-PO-Based Invoices
= Annual Network Transaction Volume

Note: PO-based invoices sent via the Ariba Network are not included in network transaction volume. This is done to avoid double counting. However, in some cases, your total invoice value (both PO-based and non-PO-based invoices), rather than PO value plus non-PO-based invoice value, may be used to determine fees.

If you’ve passed both chargeability thresholds and are benefiting from a subscription other than the free Standard package, you will pay two fees:

  1. A Network Transaction Service (NTS) fee. It’s assessed as a small percentage (0.155 percent) of your network transaction volume. This fee is capped for high-volume customers.
  2. A subscription package fee

For more information about how your fees are calculated, along with chargeability thresholds and fee caps, please download this datasheet.


How this Pricing Model Benefits You

If you’re like most suppliers on the network, you start with a free Standard subscription. Before you pay anything, you can experience such benefits as…

  • faster sales cycles
  • higher revenue
  • lower cost of sales
  • more on-time payments

You don’t get locked into participation by paying a large start-up fee or prepayments for documents transacted. Not with Ariba. Because once you start working with your customers on the Ariba Network, and see how your e-commerce program grows, we’re confident you’ll stay. Just like 99 percent of your peers doing business with Ariba.


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