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What is SAP Ariba?

Your organization needs more from procurement. As business moves faster and faster, more spending is happening across more channels using more payment methods than ever before. And your customers are demanding more from the organizations they buy from and work with. They want more speed, better quality, the best experience, and full transparency into the impact you and your suppliers are making on the world.

It’s up to procurement and supply chain managers to continue to control all the costs, manage the risks buried in your transactions, and do it all while making sure process doesn’t slow down progress. Using SAP Ariba solutions and SAP Business Network – market leaders in spend management software – you can equip your company to be responsive and responsible, both today and in the future:

  • Buyers can manage the entire purchasing process as they control spending, find new sources of savings on both direct and indirect goods, and build healthy, ethical supply chains
  • Suppliers can connect with profitable customers and efficiently scale existing relationships, simplifying sales cycles and improving cash control along the way.

Become a best-run business

Collaborative Commerce

SAP Ariba is the only procurement and supply chain collaboration solution that empowers your company to move faster and spend better. With SAP Ariba solutions, you connect to the largest B2B network, creating dynamic, digital collaboration with millions of suppliers and other trading partners all around the world. Clunky e-mail- or EDI-based collaboration gives way to dynamic, real-time information sharing over the network, so collaboration is better managed and more efficient.

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Future-Focused Platform

A future-focused platform puts intelligence to work to ensure processes flow faster, users are guided to the right action, and you can create a vibrant, ethical supply chain.

Platform and Technology
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Seamless Source-to-Pay

And because SAP Ariba solutions connect the entire procurement process from source-to-pay, nothing slips through the cracks or slows you down. With SAP Ariba, you can deliver the “more” the business requires. More control, more speed, and more sustainability, so you can help your company move faster and spend better.

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Customer reviews and awards from Trust Radius

Badge from Trust Radius Award to SAP Ariba Procurement Top Rated software for 2022

"We have been able to train and convert all employees into using the SAP Ariba Procurement system in a minimal amount of time and have found that it was accepted with open arms and has already proven to be a cost cutter.”

– Senior Analyst, Hospital and Healthcare

TrustRadius Top Rated 2021 Badge

“We use SAP Ariba to automate the purchasing process and the relationship with our suppliers and logistics operator. It’s enabled us to significantly reduce time spent on purchase order tracking and invoicing errors.”

– IT Manager, Aviation and Aerospace

Badge from Trust Radius Award to SAP Ariba Procurement for Best Feature Set 2022

“SAP Ariba is the end-to-end system that addresses sourcing, strategic reporting, governance and competitive bidding, contract management and, most important, friendly and fast responses to business needs.”

– Director, Corporate Farming

Move faster, spend better

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Supplier Management

With SAP Ariba solutions, SAP provides the only end-to-end software portfolio that lets you manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place.

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Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Discover qualified suppliers, speed up your sourcing cycles, and create the most competitive, best-value agreements for sustainable savings with all your sourcing needs.

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Procurement Solutions

With the control that SAP Ariba guided buying and spot buy capabilities provide, you can cut supply costs by as much as 10% and lower processing costs by 25% to 60%.

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