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SAP extends open access to SAP Ariba Discovery to help buyers and suppliers connect

SAP has extended open access to SAP Ariba Discovery with no fees through December 31, 2020.

SAP Procurement Solutions Team | June 25, 2020

SAP has extended open access to SAP Ariba Discovery, enabling buyers to post sourcing needs and any of the four million suppliers on Ariba Network to respond with their ability to deliver the goods and services required with no fees through December 31, 2020.

The initial offer launched on March 10 was to expire at the end of June, but open access to SAP Ariba Discovery is proving to have a tremendous impact on connecting buyers and suppliers and keeping supply chains intact during the pandemic. Since the promotion launch, new buyer registrations on SAP Ariba Discovery have increased 484%, new supplier registrations have increased 3966% and supplier responses to buyer postings have increased by 424% (compared to the pre-promotion period of January 1 – March 9, 2020).

In just one example, Al Dahra, an agribusiness based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, needed storage options for grain in desert conditions. After posting its sourcing need on SAP Ariba Discovery, Al Dahra received responses from 142 suppliers globally in less than three days. The company was able to find the storage supplies it needed to avoid shipment delays so people could get the food they need.

“COVID-19 disrupted global supply chains more significantly than most businesses have ever experienced,” said Chris Haydon, president, SAP Procurement Solutions. “Companies realize now more than ever the power of procurement, digital networks and the ability to find new sources of supply quickly. We are extending this offer to continue to accelerate connections between buyers and suppliers and to help ensure supply needs are fulfilled as quickly as possible during this challenging time.”

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