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Responsible supply chain management is good for business

Our vision: SAP Ariba is committed to a more purpose-driven, equitable, and non-discriminatory world, so we are empowering businesses to lead with supply chain transparency in order to procure with purpose.

Making a difference: SAP Ariba and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) have a shared vision to make a difference in the world. Dedicated to building technology that supports compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SAP Ariba is working together with the UNGC to bring these capabilities to as many businesses as possible.

Why: What drives consumers’ buying decisions? SAP Ariba conducted an international study across five major markets and five industries to gain insight into the key factors that influence buying decisions.


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  • Three key themes stand out when analyzing consumers’ purchasing decisions:

    Brand Loyalty

    Consumers are more loyal to brands they perceive as having a positive impact on the world.


    There is a willingness to pay a premium for products from companies that are transparent with their supply chain practices. Adherance to the UN SDGs can be a validation of a brand’s commitment to positively influence the world.

    Supply Chain Transparency

    Brands with transparent supply chains are preferred. Well-managed risk can lead to stronger performance attracting talent and investors.


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Rising Consumer Expectations for Ethical Procurement

Consumers want to know more about the things they buy, where their money is going, and if companies they support share their values. In order to back sustainable organizations, consumers need openness. That openness is made possible through advanced technology.

Credibility Tech

Enabling responsible supply chain management

From fighting modern slavery to protecting our oceans and ending poverty in all forms, the United Nations Global Compact is driving action towards seventeen ambitious Sustainable Development Goals to accomplish much-needed change by 2030. SAP Ariba’s people and technology are uniquely positioned to support the UN Global Compact and its mission of driving greater visibility across all suppliers in today’s global markets.

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