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A sustainable future benefits our homes, businesses, communities, and environment

Globalization is shaping our world, impacting your business, the environment, and society. The burden and commitment to overcome global challenges is shared across suppliers, corporations, and consumers. SAP Ariba strives to create a positive impact on labor conditions and basic human rights. We have committed our people and products to address the world's biggest economic, environmental, and societal issues. 

Our partnerships and innovative solutions will enable you to have visibility across your supply chain to better understand the real-time impact of transactions. When you can see every source on your supply chain, you can see who protects both people and planet. At SAP Ariba, we pledge to support your company’s efforts towards a more sustainable, equal, and nondiscriminatory planet.

SAP Ariba’s Three Sustainability Pillars

Social sustainability: Human and workplace rights

>40 million

Slaves worldwide, in almost every sector, region, and country

Environmental sustainability: Energy and climate change

200 million

People estimated to be affected by climate change by 2050

Economic sustainability: Creating sustainable communities through responsible sourcing


Roughly half of the world’s population lives on about $2 a day

Together with the UN Global Compact, SAP Ariba has goals to make a world of difference

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SAP Ariba and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

SAP Ariba supports the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and guiding principles on business and human rights. We believe that to achieve these goals, companies need an integrated approach implemented through innovation, partnerships, and social responsibility.

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk Management

With SAP Ariba Supplier Risk, you can help your buyers make smarter, safer decisions before purchase, simply by making risk due diligence a natural part of the procurement process.

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk Management

Ariba Network

Ariba Network is a dynamic, digital marketplace where millions of buyers and diverse suppliers, operating in more than 190 countries, trade USD 3.2 trillion in goods and services each year.

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