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Four things that set us apart

People choose SAP because we have the solutions, services, and expertise that organizations need to mitigate financial and operational disruptions; meet both workforce and customer needs; and ease the strain that supplier risk and market uncertainty pose to supply chains.

When you choose SAP procurement solutions – SAP Ariba for direct and indirect procurement, integrated with SAP Fieldglass to support services procurement and external workforce management – you’ll discover how SAP equips customers to respond quickly and effectively to rapidly changing market conditions. So you can move faster and spend better, recovering from disruption and reimagining your business in ways to emerge even stronger.

As you consider your procurement strategy, think about the four things that only a partnership with SAP can bring:

  1. A deeper understanding of spend – Manage the complexities of all kinds of spend by putting decades of SAP expertise and specific solution capabilities to work.
  2. Real business process integration – Implement a source-to-pay process that is truly seamless, integrated end to end with your pay processes, back-end systems, and trading partners to deliver optimal value.
  3. A business network that connects you with everything – Evolve past portals to engage in collaborative commerce with a global community filled with current partners and millions of potential new suppliers.
  4. Problem-solving today with an eye on tomorrow – Stay resilient with a future-focused platform of SAP solutions that can scale and grow with your company, no matter where it stands today or goes tomorrow.

Procurement solutions from SAP

Watch this video for a quick look at each of the four distinct ways we're helping organizations respond, recover, and reimagine how procurement makes it possible.

Real Customers. Real Results.

See what's possible for your organization. Review these stories from customers who have chosen to reimagine their businesses and procurement strategies with the advantages provided by SAP solutions.

  • library thumbnail for business transformation study about SAP Ariba customer Accenture

    “Together, SAP and Accenture are continuing to invest in experience because this is key to shaping and influencing buying behaviors, which will put us on the right path for our intelligence spend management journey.”

    Read more library thumbnail for testimonial video featuring SAP Fieldglass customer Ahli United Bank
    Ahli United Bank

    "We implemented SAP Fieldglass in three months. It was remarkable. We now have a very strong visibility on the exact number of contingent workers, the cost we incur, where our money is being spent, and who are the vendors we work with. We have a great governance mechanism with SAP Fieldglass."

    Watch testimonial library thumbnail for business transformation study about SAP Ariba customer ITP Aero
    ITP Aero

    “SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration for Buyers has streamlined and simplified the way we work with our suppliers, making it easier for us all to do business.”

    Read case study library thumbnail for case study about SAP Fieldglass customer Philips

    “Equipped with tangible insight from SAP Fieldglass, we can support better decision-making across the business . . . Ultimately, we help the business get the right skill in the right place through the right channel to get work done.”

    More about Philips
    Library thumbnail for success story about SAP Ariba customer Swisscom AG
    Swisscom AG

    “We’ve transformed procurement from a reactive processing role to one of proactively controlling and guiding, thanks to uniform and transparent data.”

    Read study
  • Library thumbnail for video testimonial from SAP Ariba customer Danfoss

    “SAP is our software provider of choice because of its unparalleled ability to integrate all core processes to produce a single version of the truth across the business.”

    Watch video library thumbnail for business transformation study about SAP customer Elanco Animal Health Incorporated
    Elanco Animal Health Incorporated

    “SAP Ariba solutions are one of our strategic success drivers, and they are providing us with more extensive automation, resulting in greater efficiency and more profitability.”

    Read the Elanco Animal Health story library thumbnail for customer testimonial about Sterlite Power
    Sterlite Power

    “SAP is a very strategic move. We wanted to bring that power of collaboration to our partner ecosystem and we felt that the seamless integration possibilities of SAP Ariba are an edge over all the other platforms which we evaluated.”

    Hear from Sterlite
  • library thumbnail for business transformation study about SAP Ariba customer Box Print
    Box Print

    “Ariba Network implementation creates innovation and sustainability for both our customers and Box Print. Innovation in production process provides greater visibility and reduces production parts. Sustainability provides production intelligence to reduce raw material costs, energy and improved logistics.”

    Learn from Box Print library thumbnail for case study about customer Deutsche Telekom AG
    Deutsche Telecom AG

    “SAP Ariba solutions make it easy for us to communicate with suppliers. This results in the efficiency that our customers expect.”

    Download case study
    Thumbnail for video testimonial about HP India providing best in class customer experiences through Ariba Network
    HP India

    “SAP Ariba is a sustainable e-commerce solution, which is helping us to keep our back-office operation costs at bay. This is effectively helping us to bring success stories to our customers in terms of a real-time ordering experience and timely shipments and deliveries.”

    Hear from HP India
    Thumbnail for video testimonial from SAP Ariba customer Lyreco

    "Ariba Network is our partner, just as every buyer is a partner to us. We need tight collaboration between all of the parties including Ariba Network, suppliers, and buyers and Ariba Network helps us achieve this.”

    Watch now
    Library thumbnail for video testimonial featuring SAP Ariba customer Schweitzer Fachinformationen

    “The Ariba Network and programs have helped us simplify and optimize our business operations. We can now process orders and invoices automatically and have simplified the process of onboarding customers to keep our business running smoothly.”

    Watch video
  • library thumbnail for video about SAP Ariba customer Accenture

    “The user experience helped us solve buying problems for infrequent users and we quickly saw a 5x increase from single digits to 45% of transactions on catalogue. SAP is integral to Accenture's Intelligent Spend journey."

    Hear from Accenture
    Thumbnail image for testimonial video about SAP Ariba customer Navantia

    “Since we started using SAP Ariba solutions, the changes to our business have been significant. These are great tools that provide robust data integration and an enhanced user experience. SAP Ariba solutions support us in every step we take.”

    Watch now library thumbnail for business transformation study about SAP Ariba customer Orora
    Orora Packaging

    “With the support of SAP Ariba services, we rolled out the suite of SAP Ariba solutions and achieved universal adoption, helping ensure procurement plays a strong strategic role in our business.”

    Read case study
    Library thumbnail for video testimonial from SAP Ariba customer Swisscom AG
    Swisscom AG

    "SAP Ariba shared with us what other companies are doing, how they’re doing it, what is standard, and how we can apply the same best practices. With SAP Ariba, we’re able to do procurement in a way that makes it possible to prepare for the future.”

    Watch testimonial
    Thumbnail for video testimonial from SAP Ariba customer the University of Sydney
    University of Sydney

    “We really wanted the end-to-end experience, and that was one thing that worked in Ariba’s favor when we were choosing a technology. We’ve already got 98% adoption rate within some of our core operational areas, and we’re continuing the roll-out to faculty.”

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