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Gain advanced capabilities to grow your business

An enterprise account provides everything the standard account offers, plus ways to grow and strengthen your business through SAP Business Network, formerly known as Ariba Network.

With the enterprise account, you can transform your operations with full ERP integration, leading to automated workflows, faster sales and fulfillment cycles, and reduced errors. Additional advantages include:

  • Manage all your orders and invoices directly on SAP Business Network

  • Submit unlimited RFP responses through SAP Ariba Discovery

  • Stay updated with supply chain collaboration

  • Receive priority customer support

  • Publish supplier-managed catalogs with assistance

Enterprise account subscription levels and fees are determined by the number of documents and volume of transactions your business runs through Ariba Network. As your transaction level on SAP Business Network increases, the value your business receives will also rise, and your fees will adjust accordingly.

The value you receive from being an SAP Business Network supplier will always be greater than the fees you incur.


Fee Schedules

You can download schedules here. The general fee schedule applies to most regions except for Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Southern Africa.

Estimate your fees

Fee Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate fees you may be assessed for your SAP Business Network (SBN) enterprise account activity. For purchase orders, invoices, and non-PO invoices, enter an estimate of the number you process annually and their total combined value. Please note: Fees are billed in the following currencies: USD, CAD, AUD, SGD, JPY, EUR, GBP, CHF and ZAR. The calculator automatically switches to the relevant currency once you choose your country.

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