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Here's why you received a bill and how you can pay it

Thank you for doing business through SAP Business Network, formerly known as Ariba Network. If you received a bill from us, it is time to renew your network subscription or pay outstanding transaction fees.

If this is your first bill from us, it might be due to an increase in the volume of business you’re doing on SAP Business Network. Suppliers with an enterprise account are charged fees when surpassing both of these transaction thresholds:

  1. Transacting at least $50,000 USD worth of orders or invoices in any single customer relationship
  2. Receiving or sending five or more documents

These thresholds apply to all regions except Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Southern Africa. To review subscriptions and fee schedules for those region, click here.

SAP Business Network suppliers with a paid subscription have access to additional tools and capabilities that are designed for greater collaboration with customers. Paying your bill on time ensures you can continue to use these advanced capabilities and maintain a consistent level of service for your customers.

Please follow the steps below to pay your bill.

Payment steps

Paying the bill for your SAP Business Network subscription fee is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account with your ID and password.
  2. Find Company Settings at the top right corner and click on the gear icon.
  3. Click on Service Subscriptions.
  4. In the My Subscriptions tab, click on Open Bills.
  5. If you have more than one account/bill, select all the bills you’d like to pay.
  6. Select or add the payment method you want to use. To check for banking details, look at the remittance section on the invoices.
  7. Choose Continue to check and confirm your payment.
  8. If you are paying by check or a type of electronic settlement, download your invoice and submit it to your disbursement process for payment.

Again, thank you. If you need help, please visit the Help Center. Get there by first logging into your account, then click on the question mark icon in the upper-right corner of your dashboard.


1 Enterprise account subscribers can pay their fees with a credit card, an electronic funds transfer (formatted as Fedwire, ACH, or SEPA), or a check (payment options vary by region). Payment options can vary by region. To learn more, including payment methods information, click here.

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