Billing and Payment

Why you got a bill – and how to pay it

Thank you for doing business through Ariba Network. If you received a bill from us, it’s either time to renew your Ariba Network subscription or pay it for the first time.

You have a subscription with fees because you’re doing a significant level of business on Ariba Network with at least one of your customers. That tells us that the best way to support your business and e-commerce growth is to provide you with more than just basic services.

With more collaboration capabilities and tools, you can serve your customers better. Paying your bill by its due date helps ensure you can maintain the ongoing, high level of service your customers have come to expect when doing business with you through Ariba Network.

How to pay your bill

Paying your bill is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account with your ID and password.
  2. Find your company name in the top right corner and click on it.
  3. Click on Service Subscriptions.
  4. Click the Billing tab to view your invoice(s).
  5. Find the invoice you want to pay and click Pay Invoice.
  6. Select your payment method (credit card, check, or electronic settlement1) and click Next.
  7. Enter your credit card information, if applicable.
  8. Confirm your subscription package, if applicable.
  9. If paying by check or electronic settlement, download your invoice and submit to your disbursement process for payment.

If you need help, please visit the Help Center. After you log into your account, click on the link in the upper-right corner of your dashboard.


1 Ariba Network subscribers can pay their fees with a credit card, an electronic funds transfer (formatted as Fedwire, ACH, or SEPA), or a check (payment options vary by region). However, for some small invoices, suppliers must pay via credit card. For a complete list of credit card thresholds by currency, click here.

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