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Your ticket to on-time payments

Electronic invoicing over SAP Business Network, formerly Ariba Network, gives you more flexibility to handle incoming payments and increases your visibility of invoice details. By delivering e-invoices directly to your customers, you can forgo a paper process riddled with mail delays and lost invoices.

Every invoice you submit is automatically validated. If there are any errors, the invoices can be flagged and quickly returned to you for correction, ensuring fast and reliable processing.

With e-invoicing on SAP Business Network, you can get:

  • Invoices approved for payment in days, not weeks
  • A self-service portal to view invoice and payment status
  • Improved cash flow forecasting and reduced DSO
  • Accelerated payments via dynamic discounting
  • Faster dispute resolution
  • Strengthened customer relationships

Please note: Before you can e-invoice your customers for both orders with and without a PO, please confirm that your customer:

  • Accepts invoices on SAP Business Network
  • Has invited you to send e-invoices

For PO invoices only
, be sure you complete these two additional steps:

  1. Fulfill the PO partially or completely
  2. Send the order confirmation or shipping notice

Features and Benefits

Error reduction

Reduce overall errors up to 60% with SAP Ariba smart e-invoicing capabilities like innate automation and validation processes. Invoices can be automatically checked for errors or missing fields. Any mistakes can be flagged for immediate attention.

Faster processing

Convert a variety of document formats into e-invoices and then deliver instantaneously to your customers. This can shorten your processing time for invoice management tasks and free up capacity to focus on value-adding work.

Payment acceleration

Faster processing of more accurate invoices can also mean getting paid sooner. With real-time invoice status and payment visibility through SAP Business Network, you can reduce invoice inquiries and potentially see a 75% reduction in the order-to-pay cycle time.

Greater visibility

View invoice and payment status at the self-service portal at any time so you can have greater visibility at your fingertips. This also means you can spend less time calling your customers to ask about payment and have more time to find ways to grow your business instead.

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