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Improve efficiency, get paid faster, and do more with less

Whether your company is large or small, integrating with your customers through Ariba Network can streamline transaction processing and achieve more efficient collaboration end-to-end. So instead of spending most of their time handling orders and invoices, your e-commerce team can dedicate more time to growing your business and improving the bottom line.

Integrating your systems with Ariba Network automates the processing of purchase orders, invoices, order confirmations, advance ship notices, service entry sheets, and other transactional and collaborative documents.

  • Purchase orders are automatically routed to your order processing system

  • Shipping notices are automatically sent to customers when you send orders

  • Invoices are automatically sent by your accounts receivable system to your customers’ accounts payable teams

The greater your transaction volume on Ariba Network, the greater the benefits you’ll enjoy, including lower sales costs and reduced processing errors. And once you’re integrated, expanding your customer base on Ariba Network is easier and faster, leading to even more efficiency across your B2B e-commerce program.

Features and Benefits

Cost savings

Integrating with Ariba Network will enable you to automate processes like purchase order and invoice data entry, reducing operational costs while freeing up your team to focus on more strategic activities.

Error reduction

Integration and automation improve order accuracy and reduce the amount of time spent correcting purchase orders and invoices. Integrated suppliers see an overall reduction in errors by up to 60%.

Faster processing

By automating transactions with customers on Ariba Network, orders are received and invoices are sent in a fraction of the time it takes for manual processing. Integrated suppliers see an average gain of 75% productivity in order processing.

Payment acceleration

With faster order processing, you can also get paid sooner. By exchanging real-time invoice status on Ariba Network, you can minimize invoice inquiries and reduce the order-to-pay cycle time by as much as 75%.

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