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SAP Business Network Supplier Mobile App: Here's What's New

Version 7.2 (05.2022)

Users can now switch between linked user accounts and monitor activity on each account more efficiently.

  • Log in to all your linked accounts using one username and password
  • Conveniently select which account to switch to from a list of linked accounts
  • Only users with permission to access multiple accounts can switch accounts on the trading partner portal and supplier mobile app

Version 7.1 (02.2022)

  • User agreement updated: EULA and sub-user acceptance removed

Version 7.0 (01.2022)

  • Ariba Network is now a part of SAP Business Network. The name of this mobile app has changed to SAP Business Network Supplier mobile app.

  • All functionalities and access remain the same. There is no disruption to your usage of the app.

Version 6.4 (05.2021)

This release introduces features that allow users to create new Ariba Network accounts and manage trading relationships:

  • Create a new Ariba Network account directly from the mobile app
  • View, accept, reject, and dismiss relationship requests from potential trading partners

Version 6.2 (08.2020)

New features provide you with expanded date ranges and new language support:

  • View orders and invoices processed within the last six months directly on the dashboard by increasing the date range via the “settings” icon (was previously three months)
  • View orders and invoices processed within the last one year by navigating via the menu to the orders and invoices list view (was previously 31 days)
  • View SAP Ariba Supplier mobile app in Thai based on the selection of Thai as default language in your mobile device settings

Version 6.1 (05.2020)

New features provide you with more Ariba Network document details as well as capabilities for sharing on-the-go:

  • Access any network document in web format directly from the menu, including collaboration requests, payments, advanced ship notices, service entry sheets, and goods receipts

    Note: If you’re an Android user, you’ll need to re-login once to access any document in web format, unless you delete the cache or re-install the app.

  • Rotate your phone to get an easier-to-read, landscape view of any of the web forms

  • Flip orders into invoices when viewing either the invoices list or the menu

  • Create advanced ship notices and service entry sheets when viewing either orders or the app menu

  • Share an order or invoice with notes or instructions via e-mail or text message, sending either a PDF file or an embedded link

  • View your activity feed in one place with the redesigned notifications list

Version 6.0 (12.2019)

This version introduces a new look and feel, simplified navigation, and features that enhance collaboration on the go. You can:

  • Create invoices and credit and debit memos

  • Monitor orders, invoices, enablement tasks, collaboration requests and leads

  • Manage your company profile


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