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What is a PunchOut catalog?

A punchout catalog is a catalog that resides on a supplier’s e-commerce site but is viewable by customers who are using their own company’s procurement applications to make purchases. It uses a tool that redirects buyers from their procurement app to the supplier’s website. From the supplier’s site, they can search for, compare, and select what they want to buy before returning their shopping cart items to their procurement app for approval and purchase.

With the SAP PunchOut feature, you can present current and customized shopping experiences to buyers who are browsing SAP Ariba catalogs. When they’re redirected to your website, your latest items, prices, and ordering options are displayed in real-time. With the PunchOut feature, you can:

  • Present products and services with photos, co-branding, customized promotions, recommended selections, pre-negotiated pricing, and more
  • Offer one-click shopping so you can receive and respond to orders faster
  • Control the product information each customer sees, such as pricing, inventory, and branding
  • Employ your merchandising team’s expertise to boost upsells, cross-sells, and order quantity
  • Conduct buyer-specific, closed-loop testing to ensure a seamless, tailored customer experience
  • Offer quotes and custom SKUs for customers, with the ease of catalog shopping

The PunchOut feature is especially helpful if you sell complex, service-oriented, or highly configurable product offerings; have large catalogs with many SKUs and line items; sell goods that require constant updates on price, description, and content; or have a high number of transactions.

PunchOut Feature Benefits

Accurate orders

Since buyers see pricing, availability, and other product information in real-time, purchase orders are accurate, and sales are not lost because of outdated information.

Satisfied customers

Keep existing customers and attract new ones by providing personalized shopping experiences for all buyers who access your catalog content from SAP Business Network, formerly Ariba Network.

Greater sales volume

Exposure for your e-commerce site to new customers via Ariba Network enhances your sales opportunities.

Coherent marketing crossover

Channeling buyers to your e-commerce site enables you to apply all your own branding and marketing. You could still market directly to customers.


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