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Grow your business by selling to SAP’s customer base

SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog is a new kind of business-to-business marketplace suppliers can use to find new customers, increase sales, and increase revenue among SAP’s large base of customers.

While SAP Ariba Discovery can provide you with leads to buyers looking for new sources of supply, SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog can provide you with orders from SAP customers shopping for non-contracted goods. Things like office supplies, electrical equipment, computers, MRO supplies, promotional items, and gifts.

This gives you a way to add more options to your catalog strategy, by offering a non-contracted catalog to all buyers who use SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog with their buying processes. That’s way more selling power than working with one buyer at a time via a contracted catalog.

Buyers are working with SAP Ariba to manage all of their spend better, including off-contract purchasing. That's why we're looking for additional, vetted Ariba Network suppliers who would like to join the SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog marketplace as a way to grow their businesses and increase sales.

Product Features

Low cost of sales

You only pay based on what you sell, which makes costs lower than other popular marketplaces. What’s more, your listings serve as excellent advertisements, and you control their customization.

Simple catalog management

Put your offerings in front of buyers via a simple digital connection, uploading all the details using something as easy as a spreadsheet.

Control in your hands

You own all your content and control who sees your items: only qualified buyers get to, not your competitors. And you decide how to differentiate your offerings based on price, content, logistics, and brand.

Credit card acceptance

With the ability to accept credit cards, you can count on timely payment and fast reconciliation with a high degree of confidence in transaction validity.

Error-free ordering process

Because everything is integrated on Ariba Network, your orders can be confirmed and shipped to customers quickly, easily, and error-free.

Quality and diversity certifications

You can include quality and diversity certifications in your product descriptions to help buyers get to know you and differentiate your company from other suppliers so you can grow your business.

Select promotional opportunities

More than just posting catalog items, you’ll have some select opportunities to promote and market your spot buy goods to participating buyers.


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Reach Net-New Customers – No Contracts Needed

In just 16 minutes, this short webcast recording will show you how to get started with SAP Ariba Spot Buy and get your products in the hands of new customers, without the need to negotiate any contracts.

Watch now

“Putting people before products is something that we feel sets us apart. SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog has enabled us to reach more people and businesses than ever before.” - Dale Alt, CIO, FriendsOffice

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Can-Am Wireless is growing business with SAP Ariba Spot Buy

Exceeding a supplier’s expectations

Watch this short video to see how SAP Ariba Spot Buy is helping a small B2B technology provider generate more sales, at a lower cost per sale.

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Screenshot from SAP Ariba Spot Buy demo for buyers

A buyer's view of SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog

Here's a short demo of SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog, showing buyers how easy it is to buy what they need from trusted suppliers.

Suppliers happy with new sales

Selling to new customers without an existing relationship

Watch this short video to hear how National Business Furniture is increasing sales and reaching new customers with SAP Ariba Spot Buy Catalog.

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